Value Based Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain Planning is the process of optimising the delivery of goods, services, and information from suppliers to customers.

Our involvement with our clients are in balancing supply and demand, providing planning, conducting what-if scenario analysis, and ensuring real-time demand commitments.

A values-based supply chain is a production and marketing channel that maintains the identity of the producers who grow or raise a product. It also preserves the social, environmental, and community values that are incorporated into production. These supply chains often emerge among multiple business partners who share ethics or values related to quality and business relationships along the supply chain.

We assist you in enhancing your supply chain functioning through the following:

Performance Optimization: Enhance decision-making by refining processes, organization, metrics, and technology.

Change Management: Implement or transform planning processes through collaboration across functions.

Process Excellence: Focus on improving the supply chain planning process.

Organization Design and Talent: Align cross-functional leaders for effective sales and operations planning (S&OP).

Tech and Digitalization: Leverage technology to support SCP.

For effective S&OP, we consider these four elements in our clientle delivery:

Product Portfolio Planning: Assess whether your product portfolio aligns with targets.

Demand Review and Gap Reconciliation: Evaluate planned sales against ambitions.

Supply Review and Gap Reconciliation: Ensure inventory, capacity, and capabilities meet demand.

Pre-S&OP: Understand financial consequences and escalate decisions as needed.

We take into consideration, SCP's crucial role in driving profit, revenue, cash flow, and customer service improvements.